NYSNA Board of Directors holds Emergency Meeting

Why? In order to rule the resolution requiring a search for a new Execution Director Out of Order. A resolution that to our knowledge has not been submitted yet.

Update: The attorney told the Board of Directors he didn’t think the resolution was out of order. After he left they voted it Out of Order anyway. Why are we paying lawyers if the board is just going to ignore what they say!

What are they so afraid of? Maybe they don’t want anyone to know that Pat Kane is running around the NYSNA office barking orders and screaming at everyone. Good first impression! I’m sure the Staff loves it. We are hearing of many eyes rolling and resumes being updated.

Maybe they’re afraid of having to explain to the convention delegates why a search shouldn’t be done [that would be entertaining]. We heard the rational in the board meeting for ruling the motion out of order is because, “ the delegates don’t have a right to tell the Board what to do”.

That’s not what the NYSNA Bylaws say:

Pg. 16 Section 3. Authority of Convention
The Convention is the highest governing body of the Association. The Convention will:
A. Recommend annual dues to be submitted for ratification by the entire membership.
B. Establish Association policies and direction.
C. Establish Councils and Practice Focus Groups.
D. Adopt bylaws.
E. Delegate authority not otherwise delegated in these bylaws.


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