Why Are They So Desperate!

Once again Board of Directors shows contempt for the membership!

And what a surprise the first proposed Bylaw change will be ruled Out of Order, the second one the Board of Directors is recommending a no vote.

Update: We now have it on very good authority that a third proposed Bylaws change was withdrawn under extreme pressure.

NYSNA I See You is attempting to get clarification on the only Proposed Bylaws Change the Delegates will have an opportunity to vote on! We find it very difficult to believe that there are Nurses who want these people to stay in office for ever.

The ONE BIG LIE that appears in the summary is that the only position that will be affected is the office of the President. This is not true. Anyone who has been around for more than a minute knows Pat Kane has been the Treasurer since 2012!

When Do We Get To See The Proposed Resolutions?


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