We Need Your Help!

Our mailbox is filling up with information you, our readers, are sending in.

We are trying to sort through it, verify it if possible, and get it to you, our fellow NYSNA members. This is the first piece of information we want to get out to all of you. A reader sent us NYSNA’s LM2 for 2019. Thank You! This is the unions financial statement to the Department of Labor.

The file is over 100 pages. We are attempting to obtain a better copy along with previous years of LM2s. This is an onerous task as NYSNAs (unlike most other unions) are proving almost impossible to find. We are told they are buried under a layer of other names.

While we are digging through the internet and our email, we are asking you our readers to look through the attachment and see what you can cull from the documents. If you come up with anything interesting we will either write an article about it, post yours if you wish, or dig deeper to ascertain what is really going on.

Email your findings to: Contact@NYSNAiseeyou.org


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We are a group of NYSNA Nurses who care about the future of our union. We want democracy, transparency, and accountability. Some of us are retired, some are recent members, and we are at all points in between. Any information you provide us will remain anonymous unless authorized by you.

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