NYSNA Member demands search for Executive Director!

Update: a reader sent a more accurate list of NYSNA Nurses on Staff.

Thank You once again to our readers!
The below is an excerpt from an email we received from a member today. The full email is here.

Subject: What is Going on Here??

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez recently issued an eblast to the membership (see the full text below) supporting the Board’s decision to Elect Pat Kane as interim Executive Director of NYSNA. Pat’s contract is for one year. Originally, the board sought to appoint Ms. Kane as permanent Executive Director, but that vote failed and a unanimous vote was upheld, as a compromise, for the appointment of Kane, for one year.

The idea behind the Limited Period Appointment is to allow for a comprehensive and broad scale search for the person most capable of assuming this important, and very high profile, position. However, the connotation of Gonzalez’ letter appears to imply that Kane’s permanent appointment is a given.

Why would many (most) members of the Board of Directors be against a comprehensive search for the best person to lead our union? I can think of reasons, and NONE of them points to the best interest of the Union, which is US. Why is Ms. Gonzalez apparently advocating the appointment of “one of our own”, and not voicing any support for a broad scale search for the BEST appointee that we can find?

Anthony Ciampa, first vice president of the NYSNA Board of Directors, is now circulating a petition to the membership, in support of Ms. Kane’s permanent appointment as NYSNA’s Executive Director, by the NYSNA Board of Directors. What is the nature of his interest in circumventing a thorough and expansive search process? Is there something in it for him? Because there is certainly nothing in it for US, the union.

What are Ms. Kane’s alleged “broad qualifications” for the position that the board wishes to appoint her to? According to Gonzalez’ letter, she has had involvement in several admirable social organizations, that are oriented toward the improvement of the human condition. While these involvements are commendable, they do NOT indicate that Kane is the best choice as the person to be at the helm of our 43,000-member union. Kane has been a nurse for 32 years and has not achieved a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, degree. This writer believes that the occupant of the position of Executive Director of NYSNA should have a well-rounded, formal education, in a field that is relevant to the position (e.g. nursing, labor relations, etc.). This is not a call to educational snobbery, but a call for a person with adequate resources to successfully fulfill the duties of the Executive Director.

If we do indeed find that the best candidate for this position, of monumental importance and complexity, is right here in our midst, then so be it. BUT THE SEARCH SHOULD BE WIDE AS SPREAD AND AS COMPREHENSIVE AS POSSIBLE.

If a comprehensive search, consisting of well-defined criteria, is undertaken, and this search brings us full-circle, to “one of our own”, to quote Ms. Gonzalez, then so be it. I will then support the appointment of Ms. Kane, as Executive Director. BUT NOT BEFORE A SEARCH OF APPROPRIATE SCALE IS UNDERTAKEN. It is the belief of this writer that an appropriately broad search will be, at least national, and perhaps international in its breadth.

Below, is the full text of Ms. Gonzalez’ letter to the membership, in support of the appointment of Pat Kane, as Executive Director

If a comprehensive search, consisting of well-defined criteria, is undertaken, and this search brings us full-circle, to “one of our own”, to quote Ms. Gonzalez,

One of our own. Really? Aren’t all the NYSNA nurses who went on staff “Our Own”?

Here is a list of just a few NYSNA Nurses who went on staff many years ago, all have far more experience than Pat Kane!

  • Carolyn Esposito
  • Mike Hertz
  • Cecile Jordan
  • James Ferris
  • Lucille Solazzo etc. etc. etc.
  • Audrey Amsterdam
  • Lisa Blodgett
  • Mary Lou Cahill
  • Michael Chacon
  • Darlene Coccaro
  • Dierdre Djardeine
  • Cecelia Jordan
  • Anne Naguit
  • Rose Marie Rodgers
  • Roxanne Romney
  • Lisa Ruiz
  • Pat Sheridan
  • Karen Wida
    We have removed Lisa Baum as per the email.

These NYSNA Nurses can’t even apply for the position. So why is the only person being considered for Executive Director the least qualified? As they say “ Follow The Money”.

No More Corrupt Crooks Running the UNION!

We included the full email and the full texts in links in order to save time and space.


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