NYSNA Did A Search Before They Hired The Current Executive Director

The Current Executive Director was hired after a public search was conducted by NYSNA

Here are the published criteria from the last search

and a side by side comparison between the present Executive Director, Jill Furillo and her (Judy Sheridan/Pat Kane appointed) successor Executive Director…. Pat Kane

“A strong applicant must meet the following requirements:”

* At least five years experience in a senior management position in a union, advocacy, health or human services or not-for-profit association 

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Ability to travel and work a demanding schedule

Furillo Yes Kane ?

* Be a registered nurse and a member of NYSNA with a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field, such as labor relations, business administration, or organizational management; master’s degree a plus

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Demonstrated ability to motivate, inspire and promote a shared vision and direction with NYSNA members, leaders and staff

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Commitment to and support of Association goals, including workplace advocacy, internal and external organizing and strong advocacy for our patients, families and communities’ health and welfare

Furillo Yes Kane ?

* Proven ability to lead  NYSNA programs, including nursing practice and education, legislative and political initiatives, and collective bargaining campaigns

Furillo Yes Kane No

NYSNA has two offices, one located in Manhattan and the other just outside of Albany. While the Executive Director will need to maintain a presence in both offices, the highest density of membership is located in New York area. 

 A strong applicant will have experience in the following:

* Personnel management, budget development and contract negotiations with employee unions preferred

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Management of large multi-facility collective bargaining programs, encompassing multiple negotiations and servicing of contracts in both the public and private sectors

Furillo yes Kane No

* Serving as a staff representative or trustee on, or having extensive knowledge of pension and benefit fund programs, for public and private sector employees

Furillo Yes Kane Yes

 * Directing successful legislative and regulatory programs resulting in advances for registered nurses, patient advocacy and nursing practice standards

* Successfully leading collective bargaining campaigns, as well as political campaigns

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Analyzing and synthesizing emerging trends and issues within nursing and health care

Furillo Yes Kane No

* Demonstrating outstanding verbal, written and presentation skills, as well as the ability to embrace and manage conflict.

Furillo Yes** Kane No***

**Jill Furillo had the skills listed, but the ability to manage conflict was not apparent at the time of this search

***Pat Kane has the written and verbal skills, but has handled failed to handle conflict well

Jill Furillo is retiring in April. 

We have plenty of time to do a professional search for the best Executive Director. 

Why was there a search by the NYSNA Board last time there was a vacancy, but now Judy Sheridan’s Board has picked one of her “friends”?’.


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