UPDATE: Who Does NYSNA Staff Work For?

Update at bottom of post along with another email from an H and H member.

One of our readers wrote us with that question. (See below) Good question. Why are the same people who complained about the staff campaigning for contract ratification now demanding the staff carry out their political agenda?

Because it was never about what’s in the best interest of the members! It has always been about what’s best for Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez! As the charges against her state she undermined the negotiating committee, created disunity among the membership, and organized a vote no campaign after the negotiating committee voted to recommend the contract.

As you can see, we waited several days to publish this because we wanted to get further confirmation that this is actually occurring.

Update: We just received the below email and have every reason to believe that the author is correct. Numerous staff members have reached out to us regarding the so called talking points. According to them almost no one is using the talking points to discuss the bylaw change with NYSNA member.

There are numerous lies in the above document!
We will be exploring those in a future article.


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