2nd Update: The Plan to Stop Us From Voting at Convention

Did everyone see the convention document that was sent out today? Two of the resolutions we highlighted travel accountability and illegal salaries have both disappeared NO MENTION ! NO EXPLANATION! The third resolution we wrote about on the Executive Director Search is the last resolution and the board is suggesting it be ruled out of order because it infringes on their rights!

What about our rights

The right to know what they rejected and why! The right under our Bylaws for the convention to set policy. There is no policy on travel or criteria for the Executive Director.

If you missed our previous reporting you can find the salary article here, travel article here, search article here

Also it seems they are going to make us vote using delegate cards (whatever they are) and the Chair will eyeball the result! They say there will be electronic devices as a back up! Why as a back up why not just use them period? So Judy can chair the convention and then get to call whatever results she wants. Isn’t that Surprising!

UPDATE: It seems there is a convention committee that is supposed to plan the convention. Guess what we hear they never voted on this schedule/agenda and neither did the full Board.

They plan to runout the clock in the morning and not allow any serious business to come to the floor. Then in the afternoon they are going to load us on busses like sheep and take us to a picket line.

A 10 day notice is being sent to Albany Medical Center for informational picketing! It is being scheduled to happen at lunch time on the 2nd day of our convention!
This will take at least 2 hours out of our voting time.

They think we are children who will be so happy after our picket that we won’t want to take on the serious issues our union is facing. We will all just want to hug Judy and Pat and thank them for being such great leaders.

We want to help and support our new members at Albany Med so Tell Pat and Judy

Stop Trying To Manipulate the Process and the Delegates!
Move the Informational Picket to the First day of Convention!

Start a Petition in your Hospital! Tell Your Co-Workers How Pat and Judy are planning to Stop the Members from being Heard!

This is OUR Union!

Email or Fax 888.395.7259



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