Can This Be Legal?

According to the Bylaws in order to serve on the Board of Directors


Section 2. Composition

The Board of Directors shall be composed of members who hold non- supervisory, non-managerial positions within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act.

The word hold seems to indicate you must be a working nurse in order to serve on the Board of Directors.

And here it states:


Section 2. Affiliates

A. Individual Affiliates

An Individual Affiliate is one:

2) who is not represented by the association for collective bargaining 

7) who may participate in Convention with voice but no vote, and

8) who may receive limited benefits as established by the Board of

Directors, and……..

No Vote At The Convention But A Vote On The Board?!

At least 2 Members of the Board Of Directors are retired and not working in any NYSNA Hospital


Nominating Committee members may not be candidates for any position, nor may they serve consecutive terms on the committee.

NYSNA staff members may not be candidates for, nor may they serve in, any position.

There are well over 20 NYSNA Staff Members who are nurses! They were staff nurses in NYSNA represented facilities. They have been on staff for years! They are in all levels of the organization.

None have ever been allowed to run for A Board of Directors Position !

Question: How can a person not be allowed to vote at convention, not be represented by a collective bargaining agreement, and/or be on NYSNA staff, but at the same time be on the Board of Directors?  

Answer: You have to be the President, the Treasurer or one of their Cronies!

Once again there is one rule for Judy and her hand picked Cronies (Board of Directors)

And another one for everyone else!


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