UPDATE: NYSNA Board Member Speaks Out!

And Today We Have Our First Victory!

Posted today on Facebook Valerie Burgos-Kneeland Victory Congratulations to Robin Krinsky! Two days ago there was barely any information on our NYSNA sign-in member’s page at nysna.org. Thanks to Robin’s post we now have links to the information we need. We’ve been searching for this information for weeks. For example, a link to the LM-2s (union tax returns) was posted after charges were filed against the union president and the lack of transparency for policies like discipline and conflict of interest (nysnaiseeyou.org).

This was posted last night on the NYSNA Mount Sinai Hospital Facebook Page. Robin is the LBU President at Mount Sinai Hospital and a member of the Board of Directors. The post speaks for itself.

Robin Krinsky
Admin · 17 hrs
It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you tonight. Many of you
have reached out to me with concerns on what is happening with
NYSNA, the Board of Directors (BOD), the Executive Director and
how this will impact the union and really how it impacts us as union
members. There are many rumors flying around, some true, some not
so true, and some yet to be determined. I want to share with you what
I know. For those who may not be aware, in 2017 after an unexpected
vacancy on the BOD, I was appointed to the Director at Large
position, then I was elected by the membership in 2018. I put my hat
into the ring as I felt that I could serve as the voice of the Sinai system
to a larger body as Sinai NYSNA RNs make up over 10% of the
43,000 membership statewide. I thought it would be an honor and a
privilege to have the opportunity to serve on the Board, however it has
turned into one of the worst experiences of my life, that eats away at
me on a daily basis.
I discovered an organization rife with dysfunction and entitlement. I
had hoped to be able to help move the organization in a more positive
direction. That has proven to be impossible. We have little, to no,
policies, procedures, or guidelines. If we do, they are impossible to
locate on the NYSNA website, and when requested, they either cannot
be found or do not exist. No one knows who is on committees or how
they got there. When and where these committees meet. Are they
open to the membership at large? The final straw for me was when
the Board decided to appoint Pat Kane the current Treasurer as
Executive Director with virtually no discussion and no resume. I do not
know Pat Kane or her qualifications outside of my time on the BOD. I
raised the need for a search at that time, but again we never took a
vote. Instead a “compromise” was reached to give Pat the position for
a year. I along with over 250 members from across the city and state
then submitted a resolution that would not affect any decisions the
Board made but would require an appropriate search for future
executive directors. This resolution was ruled out of order, even before
it was submitted as a resolution, and even though the Unions
attorneys advised against ruling the resolution out of order.

This is just one example of an organization that is ever becoming
increasingly autocratic, with decisions by the few being forced on the
members. We have fiduciary responsibilities to all of you, I have a
commitment to all of you and I whole heartedly believe we are not
meeting those responsibilities.
The Board is violating our own Bylaws.
This is my ask, to my fellow NYSNA members, who are
concerned about the above: Those of you who are going to the
convention as observers or as delegates you must push hard on
the by-laws and resolutions, make your own judgements, and let
your voices be heard. I am voting YES!
The BOD has ruled any resolution that would have limited their, tenure
on the Board. Isn’t the goal to unify and make this union stronger and
cohesive? Additionally, why would we not want to know, and why
would the board balk at telling us, how our dues money is being
spent? And, why would the BOD not want to conduct a comprehensive
search, in order to find the best possible candidate for Executive
Director to lead this OUR UNION? These are tough questions, but
they must be answered, if we are to move forward, and if NYSNA is to
survive and function as a viable entity.
In the past week I have been accused by MSH management of having
unauthorized meetings with staff (proven not true), have had to
refereed amongst staff bullying each other, and told to cease and
desist the distribution of the grid violation forms by labor relations. The
day I cease and desist, will be the day I am no longer fit to serve as
your president, and this is only in the past week. While this may be
difficult to hear I feel it my duty and responsibility to inform you of how
you are being represented and how your dues money is being spent. I
unlike others on the BOD receive no salary or stipend for serving on
the BOD or a local LBU President. I have no self-interests to protect or
personal agenda to promote. My only goal is to make this the best
nurses union possible. One that represents all of us, in solidarity.

Much Appreciation to Valerie, Jai, Shanna, and Robin Heroes of NYSNA!


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