Some Very Serious Questions

Sometimes some of the posts people make to this page are trying to be witty, or make light of a situation.  I want to ask some very serious but simple questions.

Every day for the past few years, Pat Kane wakes up and “goes to work”.

What does she do?  

Who does she report to?

Does she have a job title?

Does she have a job description?  

Is she being paid to be the treasurer?

Is she being paid to be a release time rep?

Is she helping members with campaigns at SIUH?

Does she record the hours she works anywhere? Or the hours she doesn’t work?

Does she make reports to the board?  To other staff?  To anyone at all?

Does she pay NYSNA dues still?

Is there going to be a vacancy when she becomes the Executive Director?

 How do I apply?

Because I WANT THIS JOB!  It sounds fantastic! 

Honestly, I don’t understand how any of this is even legal. 

Our Next Article Will Discuss Fiduciary Duty


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