NYCHHC Nurses Are Pissed Off

At least that is what we are hearing from our readers?

H&H nurses are being told that our physically taxing payments are delayed again!

The board is not serving the interests of their dues paying membership! Maybe instead of sending themselves on trips across the country they should do their jobs!

They are incompetent!
H&H nurses are PISSED OFF!

How dare they threaten us to “stay focused on the contract negotiations?!” We pay them dues to negotiate for us! Are they going to fuck that up too like they fucked up never getting safe staffing through Albany?

Our union board and leadership is a joke!

We Couldn’t Agree With You More!


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We are a group of NYSNA Nurses who care about the future of our union. We want democracy, transparency, and accountability. Some of us are retired, some are recent members, and we are at all points in between. Any information you provide us will remain anonymous unless authorized by you.

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