Convention Update: Be Prepared

Convention update. We need to be prepared for all the manipulation and delays!

First the convention will be called to order on Tuesday. We need to be prepared for craziness starting then.

Judy will cry….she does this on a regular basis to stop discussion and because it’s all about her.


Pat and maybe Karine will run over to comfort her…

This Is the Routine.
They have been doing it for years. Don’t let it fool you!

They are also planning to showing a verrrrry looooong movie about all the great things we have accomplished

In Spite of Them!

But they will take the credit.

Even for the Alliance contract which Judy told the Monte nurses not to ratify.

She also tried to interject herself in bargaining all over the state in order to undermine the local negotiating committees. This was after she destroyed the Alliance negotiating committee and made everyone look like idiots. She couldn’t answer basic questions about the unions proposals. Questions like “how many nurses do you need”? Pat said the Alliance negotiations were a mess and we should have gone on strike. Even though she was only at negotiations maybe 5 times and never said a word or offered any advice.

During SIUH negotiations Pat Kane hung out in the hallway. Now there’s a real leader!

and if all of the above doesn’t work and we might have a minute left to vote they are going to bus us over to Albany Med.

We will not be manipulated by all of Judy and Pat’s


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