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As Everyone Knows we are very Busy here in Albany. Below is a email that was sent to us without comment.

Valerie Burgos7:41 AM (8 hours ago)
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Tonight’s Board of Directors Mtg

The meeting was originally closed. I was turned away at the entrance by an H&H member who was acting
as security for the BOD. When I came back I was told it was okay to go upstairs but the H&H member remainedat his post and said he was asked to stay there until he heard otherwise. I was surprised there was ‘security’?

When I walked in, the meeting was deep in session and the BOD was discussing the voting process that would take place
during Delegate convention. Issues which included: the use of cards versus clickers, which brought it around to transparency,
of how individual Delegates voted and the requirement to keep those records available as we have a right to see how people voted,
 accuracy of card and clickers counts, and why was it being discussed and vote on the night before, as opposed to weeks before.
The clickers are a new option for the convention. They voted on clickers, then cards if there were technical issues.
There was also discussion about what information and how much detail would be reported out to members about BOD meetings. The BOD would
be further discussing what information would be put out on the member’s page of No dates to discuss which topics
or how much detail would be offered. 
Very few members were present (less than 8). I only know because we were asked to sign in. A lot of staff members were present but not all.
Of course, all the board members from what I could see.

The BOD mentioned they would be going into Executive Session when Pat Kane proposed a new policy as one of her last acts as a BOD member.
Her proposal was to limit future BOD meetings for non-board members to a number of 10.It was unclear to me if this included NYSNA staff and counsel. Technically, according to the wording used,
I would say yes, but I am not clear if the majority of BOD members realized that and/or if it makes a difference; will they
follow their own rules?

Some of our leaders did not appreciate such a small number. There was discussion on the ‘best’ number for a union with 42,000+  members and room limitation.It was clear multiple BOD members found the number ten unsatisfactory and there was concern about membership criticism.
I agree with their concerns, the optics could look really bad for everyone. They were talking about being more transparent and then in the next
breathe are limiting observers to BOD meetings. Since no one could agree or express with certainty on a number, it was brought forward by Judy
that ten would be the number with an annual review of the number by the BOD. And in my opinion, this is where members become frustrated and lose
faith in the BOD. No one from the BOD stood up and said no that the number is clearly insufficient to multiple directors and we need to discussthis through and not vote on it until we have an agreement. But no one felt comfortable enough to do that, there was a vote, and 10 people is now our new limit.
But the limitations do not end there! No, a member must request via email to attend a BOD mtg atleast one week before the meeting.There was also discussion to post the meeting dates on the member’s page since the dates are decided very far in advance. I was stunned at
how much opposition there was to that recommendation. Also reinstating that members attend at their own cost, another barrier.

Soon after the BOD went into Executive Session and do not report out on any of those discussions and decisions. Sorry for the lack of detail as I didn’t take
notes but I am sad to report more limitations on members’ ability to participate. These two days are opportunities to have our voices heard that we are ready for change and ready to participate
as member Delegates. The BOD says we don’t speak up. Well, let your votes and voices be heard. Thank you for your service, but it is time to PASS the TORCH.



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