Do We Really Have A PAC?

What is a PAC

A PAC Fund is treated as a separate organization from the Labor Union that establishes, maintains and funds it as long as it satisfies the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. When a Labor Union contributes to its PAC Fund, it must act as a conduit between the contributor and the PAC Fund. In other words, the Labor Unionis simply collecting contributions from its individual union members and then transferring them to the PAC Fund.

Do You Know Anyone Making PAC Contributions?

We were told our Resolution was ruled out of order because it violated the PACs Bylaws. Has anyone seen the PACs Bylaws? Who votes for those Bylaws? Who votes for the Board of Directors of the PAC? Who is on the PAC Committee? How do they get on the committee? When does the PAC Committee meet? Where does it meet? If the entire Board has to vote to approve PAC expenditures then how is it a separate entity? How is the PAC funded? Where does the money come from?

When we tried to ask questions all we got was double talk and more double talk! As they say

“any excuse serves a tyrant”.

The only thing we really know about the PAC is that Marva Wade is the Chairperson.

Who is Marva Wade? A retired member from Mount Sinai Hospital. How is this even possible? She hasn’t worked anywhere in years! She is on the BOD in direct violation of our Bylaws;

Just Like Pat and Judy, the three Amigos

Yet she gets to run the PAC and decide who we endorse and make contributions to. Contributions that as far as anyone can tell are coming directly from our dues!

Less than 250 people out of 43,000 members decided today that corruption should continue. The Cronies were only able to get 60% of the vote after using the entire resources of the union to keep them in power!

Today was our victory and it is just the first of many.

The Torch Is Passing Whether They Know It Or Not


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