Meet The Rudy Giuliani of NYSNA

Mark Brenner and according to his resume he has been the real Executive Director and President of NYSNA since 2011. Excerpts below.

New York State Nurses Association – We have been working with the leadership of this 40,000member union since 2011.
Projects include:

Planning the union’s first-ever coordinated contract campaign, involving almost 20,000 members at 17 hospitals in New York City.
Wow I bet there are a lot of Staff members who didn’t know that. Especially the one’s who thought they had planned it. Does anybody who was involved in that campaign even remember him? Ninja Staff?

Developing the union’s internal organizing program in response to the Friedrichs/Janus Supreme Court case and current right-to-work legislation.
What would we do without this guy? Our dues are being wasted on a lot of unnecessary staff.

Building a 2-day steward training program to teach members the fundamentals of organizing, contract enforcement, and grievance handling. Training staff and memberleaders to facilitate the classes, which have reached over 1,000 members to-date.
• Designing an advanced leadership training program for steward training graduates that provides advanced organizing skills along with a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and the connection to policy and politics
Why are we paying for an education department with at least 2 full time staff plus clerical support?

Developing stand-alone trainings and member education materials on topics ranging from climate change, to single payer healthcare, to preparing for right to work.
Not sure who attended these trainings or who conducted them? Maybe it was one on one training.

Leading annual strategic planning with the 21-member executive board and statewide senior staff;

Working with officers and senior staff to plan and facilitate executive board meetings.

According to This Jill and/or Judy don’t know anything about running a union. Not even how to plan and run the Board Meeting!

Now I understand why our dues went to pay him close to $750,000 since 2011 for a very very part time “consulting” job. The $750k doesn’t include airfare, hotels, meals and whatever else we reimbursed him for.

Notice on his resume that from 2005-2011 he didn’t “consult” anywhere. Then by 2014 he managed to leverage his “work” with NYSNA into consulting for several unions. Nowhere did he do the level or amount of work he claims he did at NYSNA.

Remember what happened in 2011? Judy became Vice President and Pat Kane became Treasurer! Does anyone think this is a coincidence?

What else do we know about Mark Brenner? Well he, like Judy, thinks working people in general are stupid. Thankfully the commenters on the linked article called him out on this analysis or rather lack of any real analysis. This is the same sentiment Judy expressed after Trump’s election. People voted for Trump because they weren’t smart enough to know what was good for them. I have no love for Trump but I am smart enough to know that the reasons are far more complex then “they are just stupid”. This is the same sentiments expressed by their cohorts in NYC DSA Labor Branch . It is clearly expressed in their 37 page memo

New York City nurses are predominantly women of color, a minority in NYC-DSA. DSA has described itself as committed to maintaining an active and diverse membership but is primarily composed of middle-class white people. In order to be a truly broad-based working class organization, DSA must make a concerted effort to expand organizing efforts in sectors dominated by communities not currently represented in DSA. Nursing is one of these sectors.

We’re not only too stupid to know what’s good for us we are predominately women of color so we are even more stupid than everyone else. Why else would they think we need them to show us the way. If anyone has ever witnessed the dynamic between Judy and Karine there is no doubt this is how she thinks. Two of the five Executive Committee members are from Montefiore. Judy and Karine. Until this week Karine was the only person of color on the Executive Committee. Nancy Hagans is replacing Pat as Treasurer. This choice was forced on them because they needed Brooklyn to vote with them at the convention. Before our campaign they had already promised the position to someone from Westchester.

Nancy, we hope your new position was worth selling us all out and throwing in with a bunch of people who have no respect for any of us, my sista!

Right now there is a proposal to change the LBU rules at Monte to eliminate all (except Karine’s) of the executive committee positions that are held by women of color. Why because they dared to disagree with her during negotiations. Look at the NYSNA Staff at Montefiore, every one of them were hand picked by Judy or Marsha except for Candice. For those of you that don’t know Candice is the only person of color on the Monte Team. Candice was sent to the Bronx to do political work not to work with the members. Marsha is the Lead Representative at Montefiore. She is also the Chair of the NYC DSA Labor Committee. This is what Mark, Judy and Pat are really about.

Don’t listen to what they say watch what they do. Everything they have done says exactly what they think about the majority of the nurses in NYSNA.

Mark was fired from his job at Labor Notes for Union Busting. Isn’t that ironic. He is the shadow leader of our union even after he refused to recognize the union for the staff of Labor Notes when he was the Executive Director.

By The Way According to Anthony Ciampa, NYSNA First Vice President, in addition to one of Mark’s best friends he and Judy are living together.

Glad to know they are keeping all of our money in the family!


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