Why Does Montefiore Get More Staff than any other Hospital?

It has come to our attention that Montefiore has 5 full time staff and less than 3000 members. That is a ratio of 1:600. There is no other hospital anyone can point to that has that kind of staffing. The least we could find is about 1:1000 and most have more than that. Many Hospitals have well over 1:1000 and some are over 1:1500.

We pay the same if not more dues than Monte depending on our size so why do they get more staff support than everyone else? Is it because Judy and Karine are on the Executive Committee? Is it because they need a place for all their DSA cohorts to work? More than likely both!

Why aren’t our Representatives on the Board of Directors advocating for better staffing for the rest of us. Every Member has at least 2 Representatives on the Board. One for our region and one at large, some of us with the worst staffing have Board Members working in our Hospitals! We’re looking at you Westchester Medical, Mt. Sinai, and HHC.

We deserve as much Staff support as anyone else, especially since everyone of the above Hospitals has a much higher Member to staff ratio. In some cases double or close to triple!

Why are we being treated like 2nd class citizens (members)?!


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