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First we want to make clear we fully support medical missions. We support NYSNA providing medical assistance in all disaster areas, as well as, non emergent medical clinics both in this country and internationally. What we don’t support is the lack of transparency surrounding these trips.

This appeared in Last Night’s issue of NYSNA Today.

Congratulations to the convention delegates on this victory! Finally a little transparency!

This is About the Medical Missions and More it was all the way down at the bottom of the email.

Nice of them to let us know about trips that are already over. December is still available!

NEW YORK RECOVERY NETWORK (NYRN). Here is the full 2020 Calendar

Thailand is Sold Out. Wow this sounds more like a travel club!

New York Recovery Network (NYRN)We wanted to make sure you have the latest version of our 2020 NYRN Calendar of Medical Missions and Conferences
*NOTE–2020 Thailand trip is sold out!* Announcing three new additions to our 2019 calendar!
● BAHAMAS: In early October, a team of volunteers will travel to the Bahamas to assist in medical relief and recovery after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. Exact dates to be announced, those interested in volunteering should contact us immediately.
●  MEXICAN BORDER: From October 17-22, we will be heading to the US-Mexican border between Reynosa, MX, and McAllen, TX. Participants will provide medical relief to migrants in Reynosa. Participation fee is $930 for single occupancy room, or $730 for shared double occupancy. Reserve your spot today!
GUATEMALA: December 4-11, participants will be traveling to Coban from Guatemala City, sponsored by our local partner organizations, led by Fundacion Amancio Samuel Villatoro. Participation fee excludinginternational airfare is $950 for shared double occupancy ($1150 for single occupancy). To reserve your spot today, email fahwa1963@gmail.com and deposit $300 that will be used toward your full participation fee. To see more details, click here for the December 2019 Guatemala Mission brochure.For more information or to sign up for these or any other missions, please contact Rony Curvelo: 347-244-9508, or rony.curvelo@nysna.org

Please tell us about this Brazil Trip. Did Board members attend? We know Anthony Ciampa was planning to attend but changed his mind. Why? Was he embarrassed to be getting an all expense paid trip after a resolution regarding this very issue was ruled out of order by the BOD?

In fact were there Board Members on any of the Past trips? Who paid for them? Did they have to pay for themselves like the rest of us? A very reliable source has informed us that many of these trips are fully paid for by NYSNA for Board Members even first class air fare to China. This is the first time any of this information was provided to the membership at large. More often than not these trips are attended by a hand picked group of Judy’s cronies.

We also wanted to remind you of what we have planned for 2019:●  From November 9-16, volunteers will travel to Brazil to attend the 71st Brazilian Nursing Congress in the Amazon. Volunteers will provide medical relief to the people of Recife and Manaus, as well as visit a local hospital and university. Join us and sign up!If you are interested in joining any of the missions, please contact Rony.Curvelo@nysna.org. For those interested in subsidizing the cost of the missions, for any donations you are able to secure from others, you can use 75% of the amount towards the fee. If you or someone you know would like to make a simple, tax-deductible donation to NYRN, please see below for ways to donate.  

Who is Ron Curvelo? The NYSNA tour Director? According to the LM2 NYSNA pays him over $100,000.

Can we get a list of all past missions and attendance. Will we get an accounting of how our dues money was spent for Board Members International Travel?

If this really isn’t just about an international travel club here is a link to an entire search page with the areas in the U.S. with the least access to Healthcare. We are raising this not just because it is needed, but also because conducting missions in the states would afford more nurses the opportunity to volunteer. The costs would be less and the time required would be reduced. Many of us with children could volunteer for a couple of days but we can’t be away for weeks at a time.

We’re not all retired or young and single.


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