Jill Furillo being pushed out by Board of Directors

We have been getting emails from numerous sources stating Jill Furillo is leaving very soon. Some say she is taking an FMLA because Judy and Pat want her out now. Others say she is being offered something to leave now. The only thing they all say is that whenever someone is fired they have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if they take any final payments.

Judy and Pat are forcing out the only person who got us staffing in all our contracts. The person who got us retiree health. She moved H and H salaries closer to parity and we got staffing in all H and H hospitals. Our staffing bill is closer to passing than ever before. Now the BOD is going to take a sledge hammer to all of it.

Pat and Judy don’t care what they do to the union as long as they have total control of the union and most of all our dues!


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