The Looting of the Treasury has Begun!

After three weeks of Pat Kane starting her job as “Director in Training” Jill Furillo got fired and Pat is taking over. Pat and Judy now have complete control of the Union and our dues!

Jill Furillo is gone as of Friday night. Pat Kane takes over as Executive Director immediately. There goes the 6 months of training she was supposed to get.

Now she will be making $211,000 (a $50,000 raise over her no show job) plus $10,000 per month for her pension, $20,000 per year for benefits and a credit card with no oversight. On top of that we will continue to pay Jill through June and maintain her Health and Pension contributions.

Not bad for three weeks of on the job training.

This is costing us over $350,000 for 6 months in wages and benefits. All this to fire Jill and replace her with someone who is under investigation for paying herself for a no show job.

We are paying for two Executive Directors, one that’s “on leave” and one that might as well be on leave.

Jill deserves everything she got and more for all she has done for our Union. The Board of Directors all need to be replaced. They are either completely incompetent or completely corrupt!


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