On The Day Jill Furillo Is Fired Legislators Push For Safe Staffing Ratios


The Day Jill Furillo is being fired, by the NYSNA Board of Directors, the study she forced into last years budget has legislators demanding the DOH establish safe staffing ratios.

Nearly 100 state lawmakers are calling on Health Commissioner Howard Zucker to set minimum worker-to-patient staffing ratios in New York hospitals and nursing homes. Fifty-seven Assembly members and 37 state senators signed letters urging the health department to use the results of its soon-to-be-released study of minimum staffing ratios to shape statewide regulations, which they argued are needed to address a “patient safety crisis.”

Pat Kane is no Jill Furillo! According to numerous witnesses she spends her time in meetings texting and is completely disinterested in what is going on. She asks no questions and offers no guidance. We know the only person she responds to is Judy-Sheridan-Gonzalez. We know the truth no matter how much propaganda they send us!

Now That Jill Is Gone who is really going to run NYSNA? Will it be Mark Brenner; the Union Buster Judy is cohabitating with?

Congratulations Jill you represented us well and we know that If we get any Staffing Legislation it is all due to your efforts and the direction you took the union in.


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