Happy F***ing New Year

The Purge Has Begun

We deeply regret having to publish this article on the first day of the New Year. We hoped the Judy and Pat regime would wait until after the holidays to start firing people. Sadly they did not.

Two days ago the first two staff members were fired! Gabe Cristal and Carla Verdecias. Carla left a position after 20+ years to come to NYSNA. According to what we have been told she only started at NYSNA about a month ago. She was hired to be Jill Furillo’s Executive Assistant. She is the first of what we hear is going to be a decimation of the women of color at all levels of OUR UNION.

It is our understanding that there are exit packages and gag orders being negotiated with several women of color as we are writing this. Some in key positions for the future direction of NYSNA.

None of this should be a surprise! We warned about it in previous articles here and here.


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