The Time has come for Them to Go

What is the NYSNA Board of Directors Up To

NYSNAISEEYOU just learned that “our” Board of Directors voted over the weekend to hold a virtual convention this year. How is that supposed to work? How will we know who is on the call? Who is going to control the virtual meeting? How will we know who is voting or if they even have a right to vote? Are we going to spend two days on the phone listening to Judy and Pat? These are just some of the questions about the dumbest or most self serving decision the Board of Directors has ever made.

What Is Their Goal?

Certainly not Democracy!

We know from the last convention that it was almost impossible to speak. No opposition will ever speak at this so called convention! They will be able to rig any votes they want! They will decide who gets to vote and who doesn’t.

The Real Agenda

There can only be one of two reasons to hold a “virtual” convention. Many members of the Board of Directors will be term limited out. Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez who has changed the By Laws at least twice to extend her ability to stay on the Board of Directors will no doubt have something to propose to allow her to remain in charge.

They will either propose a Bylaws change that once again extends their terms or they will propose postponing the elections because of the Pandemic. Again this will leave a corrupt group of self serving individuals in charge. There may be some on the BOD that are honest well meaning people but like Trumps cabinet they are COWARDS not leaders.

We want a Democrat Union that represents all of us! Not Judy and her minions wasting our dues money so they can get their faces on the news. We have been told the biggest argument among Pat, Judy and the Executive Committee is who got more pictures in the media.

They already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on losing law suits. But hey filing them got a lot of press. We will be doing a full post and analysis on these losing lawsuits in a few days.

We can’t let them manipulate another convention to serve only the BOD and not the bedside nurses!

Judy has been on the BOD since 2005! She has been retired for at least three years! In fact there are at minimum three retired board members.

Cancel the Convention

The time has come for them to go!

Join us on this Facebook Group to organize for change!


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