We Paid For A $200,000 Publicity Stunt

The New York State Nurses Association spent about $200,000 to file three lawsuits against the state health department and two hospitals over issues around personal protective equipment and Covid-19 guidance, according to cost information obtained by POLITICO.

Judges in state and federal courts threw out two of the three lawsuits, citing plaintiffs’ lack of jurisdiction.

How did the union’s attorneys not know these cases would be thrown out? Did they advise Pat Kane, the Executive Director, to pursue this fiasco or did they advise against it? Are the attorneys milking the union or as we have posited in the past was this just a publicity stunt? Just another way for Pat Kane and Judy-Sheridan-Gonzalez to get media coverage and pretend they were doing something when in reality they had no idea what to do to represent us appropriately during the height of the pandemic! It is just a matter of when not if the last case will also be thrown out.

If your attorney lost three out of three cases would they still be your attorney?
Why are we paying attorneys that keep losing cases?

The below Politico alert was sent to us by one of our readers. The article is behind a paid firewall.

Adding insult to injury Pat Kane claimed to have …..

created a new benefit for members to donate sick days for “catastrophic illness,” which includes Covid-19. 

This benefit was negotiated by one of the women of color Pat Kane fired along with the Mount Sinai System Executive Committees. To our knowledge it has not been negotiated union wide.

The Time Has Come For Them To Go!

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