From Major Players to Bit Players

They’re eating their own,” a Cuomo administration official told POLITICO. “They went from being major players to bit players because their leadership does one thing and their membership does the other.”

As we enter into another wave of Covid, we need political clout now more than ever! Due to Pat Kane, the Executive director, Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, the President, and a Board of Directors (that are less than useless) our safe staffing bill is DEAD.

At a time that we need allies more than ever the leadership of NYSNA has turned friends into enemies.

For the 2020 primary, NYSNA members interviewed politicians in a manner described by three individuals as “humiliating” and “hostile.” 

“I left there so angry,” said one veteran lawmaker. “I never felt so disrespected in a room in my whole career.”

Layoffs, Furloughs, Contract Violations, and No Raises for H&H?

H&H is already enduring out right layoffs. Every hospital in the city is looking at furloughs and layoffs. Contract violations are through the roof everywhere. H&H may not even get their negotiated raises.

This is what we get under the current leadership!

To our knowledge not one contract has been settled since Jill Furillo was summarily dismissed! We have also learned there is an organized effort among Westchester public sector nurses to withdraw from the union. NYSNA is getting weaker by the day. This means we have far less power in our individual hospitals at a time when we need more power than ever!

As nurses, we cannot afford a leadership that is not respected in Albany. We cannot afford a leadership that is not respected by management. We cannot afford a leadership that turns friends into enemies.

We get the leadership we deserve!

As a nation we have been diminished throughout the world, because of who we elected.Trump believes he is perfect and there is no other way than his way. As a union we have lost the respect of both Albany and Management because Pat and Judy believe they are perfect and the only way is their way! We don’t need autocrats leading the nation and we don’t need ideological autocrats leading our union!

Union elections are coming up! We need to get our union back on track. Go back to fighting for safe staffing and making allies in Albany, settling contracts, and regaining the respect of management! These things will never happen under Judy or her hand picked successor. We need new leadership that truly represents us and our interests!

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