UPDATE: Breaking: Pat and Judy walk away from staffing legislation only to be forced to act responsibly?

See update at the bottom of the post.

NYSNAIseeyou has received numerous communications from within NYSNA, as well as other sources involved in the discussions, that a tentative agreement with various unions and the hospital industry was struck last week on a compromise safe staffing bill. Neither Pat or Judy bothered to be involved in the negotiations, instead they sent the political director.

No surprise there since neither Pat or Judy has been able to negotiate anything for over a year. We guess this is why the board decided to raise Pat’s salary to 275k a year.

The legislation would put into law the 2:1 ratio in intensive care areas. It would also include methods for union/management  committees at each hospital to develop ratios in other areas.

After initial agreement from all the union’s (and all the hospitals)Pat Kane and Judy Sheridan reneged on the agreement. Once again NYSNA leadership managed to infuriate unions we need to work with, as well as, legislators that aren’t very fond of NYSNA to begin with.

Those who were aware of the negotiations were shocked by this outrageous and irresponsible behavior. After getting overwhelming push back from all sides Judy Sheridan has been forced to call an emergency meeting of the NYSNA Board of Directors.

Are Judy and Pat backing down? We will find out in the next few days.

Watch NYSNAISEEYOU for breaking news on these and other developments!


Pat has decided to take the week off! Why would she want to be involved in the discussions about the most important piece of legislation for NYSNA in years.

Last week Pat held a staff meeting where she trashed the bill. She didn’t allow anyone to read it and she didn’t tell them any of the positive things contained in it. Now Judy wants the board of directors to vote on it tonight but hasn’t given them anything to read either!

We deserve better! We need real leadership. Not Pinky and the Brain!


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