You Asked For It: NYSNA’s Financial Disclosures

We have received numerous requests for NYSNA’s financials. So here they are: 2018-2019 LM2 and 2019-2020 LM2.

There are numerous people earning over $200,000 per year and some close to $300,000 per year.

We are on the lookout for the 2020-2021 LM2, which hasn’t been filed yet. This is very interesting because all of the other LM2s were filed on April 1st. We have been informed that during this most recent fiscal year numerous individuals have received anywhere from 20% to 50% salary increases.

In the 2019-2020 LM2 Pat Kane was paid $106,000 as the Treasurer and $75,000 as the Executive Director. Pat Kane was the Executive Director for only 3 months of that fiscal year. Therefore, according to the LM2 Pat Kane is being paid $300,000 per year as Executive Director, yet she has not settled one contract, alienated NYSNA from other unions as well as legislators, is fighting off decertifications, and just received a new contract for even more money.

Nancy Hagans as Treasurer advocated for Pat Kane to have her contract renewed and her salary increased even though Pat has shown no ability to do the job. Now Nancy Hagans wants to be President! She has been Treasurer for several years and on the Board of Directors before that. She is part of the problem!

Ask questions before you vote in the upcoming NYSNA elections:

  1. Why did Judy Sheridan and Pat Kane recruit many of the members of Nancy Hagans Slate?
  2. How many of the Board members that aren’t running again have been promised jobs?
  3. Is Judy going to consult for NYSNA and get a $100,000 per year contract while collecting her full NYSNA pension?
  4. Is Anthony Ciampa going on NYSNA staff?
  5. How many members of Nancy Hagans Slate has she even met or spoken to?
  6. Who is really going to be running the NYSNA?

We finally have the opportunity to vote for a slate of dedicated leaders running for the Board of Directors. The Unite NYSNA Slate has experienced LBU leaders who have not enabled the corruption and incompetence during the Sheridan/Kane regime. Some of the Sheridan/Kane/Hagans Slate can’t even get elected to their own LBUs.

The UNITE NYSNA SLATE is fundraising in order to support their campaign. Every little bit helps.




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