You Can’t Make It Up

NYSNAIseeyou has reported on
some strange occurances at NYSNA over the last year and a half. But we are baffled by the latest decision by NYSNA’S leaders in their spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to gain a first contract for the 2000 nurses at Albany Medical Center.   

NYSNA won an election in a landslide three years ago. It is a fact that when Nurses vote in such a large margin for a union at a large Medical Center it has ALWAYS…NO EXCEPTION they negotiate a first contract and the RNs make progress.

But not with this present NYSNA leadership. They are like “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”.

After replacing NYSNA staff and negotiators  as if they were in a game of musical chairs, they managed to call a one day strike that was turned into 3-5 days by Hospital Management and then were stumped about what new pressure to put on Albany Med. The media this strike garnered was far from helpful. You can view it here and here. Then there is this video that has thousands of views.

So NYSNA came up with a next step that is hard to fathom…. They sent a 10 day picketing notice for May 1st and hosted a variety of left wing organizations in a May Day demonstration at the hospital.

At approximately the 10 minute mark a list of organizations hosting the event are announced. NOT ONE OTHER UNION IS MENTIONED!

Of course Management seized on this to further isolate NYSNA from the RNs. 

This merits the bone head award. 

If anyone can give NYSNAiseeyou a clear pro-union rational reason for spending NYSNA resources to host such an activity with this minuscule gathering of groups ( less than 100 people with mostly NYSNA staff) we will publish their opinion and send them a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks.


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