Are Pat Kane and Judy Sheridan Gonzalez auditioning for Cirque du Soleil

Perhaps there is a new profession for Pat Kane and Judy Sheridan- Gonzales? World Class ACROBATS. If anyone is viewing NYSNA’S recent communications and social media they would think that NYSNA alone got the present State legislation passed and that its the greatest achievement since inventing the wheel and the idea of sliced bread.

Let’s go back a few weeks and remember that Pat and Judy furiously opposed the deal worked out by 3 unions (1199, NYSNA and CWA) along with the employers. They were forced by outside and inside NYSNA pressure to reluctantly go along with this very important compromise legislation. Just like they threw a wrench into the Alliance negotiations they attempted to sabotage this legislation.

NOW they are enthusiastically supporting it?! What a back-flip! Could it be that they are desperately looking for a way to bolster the campaign of their hand picked (Nancy Hagans) Incumbent slate? After all she is presently the APPOINTED Treasurer who OKed big raises and did nothing to stop the dysfunctional destructive behavior. Does anyone really believe that Pat and Judy would ever appoint anyone they didn’t believe they could control?

To be sure, this legislation seems to be a step forward, but it is just that A Step Forward. We are going to need competent, experienced, forward thinking leadership to bring this legislation to life and finally get the staffing we need for our patients, as well as ourselves. This ‘Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight’ is not capable of working with other unions or anyone else to make this a reality. In fact the process they laid out for the H and H leadership will take years to conclude, if ever!

We cannot trust Pinky and the Brain with our futures, the future of patient care, or the evolution of nursing in a post pandemic world.


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