Update: So Many Questions So Little Time

We hope everyone is aware by now that the NYSNA Board of Directors election is coming up very soon. We have been told ballots go out on June 1st. No one seems to know when ballots will be counted.

we have added a question that came in this morning. As of now we have not received a response from either Slate.

Before we vote we here at I See You have some questions for both slates. If either or both slates send us any responses we will publish them immediately. We believe these are important questions and the membership has a right to know the answers.

  1. Have any of the Board Members who are not running for reelection been promised jobs? If so who, what positions, and at what compensation?
  2. Has anyone on your Slate ever gotten an all expense paid trip from NYSNA? If so who, where, and for what purpose?
  3. Does your Slate intend to reduce the 50k stipend for President?
  4. Have any of NYSNA’s vendors donated either money or services to your campaign?
  5. How many members of your Slate are currently on the Board of Directors? What positions do they hold? How did they vote regarding renewing Pat Kane’s contract for Executive Director?
  6. Does your candidate for President work bedside? If not when did they stop working bedside?
  7. Did your candidate for President work bedside last March, April, and May during the height of the pandemic?
  8. Does your Slate intend to continue the practice of paying for hotel rooms for Board members who live less than an hour away when they attend meetings?
  9. What positions do the members of you Slate currently hold in their local LBU’s?

If any of you, our dedicated readers, have any questions please send them to contact@NYSNAiseeyou.org. We will post them immediately.

We look forward to your answers


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