So many unanswered questions so little time

Slate 1 has been distributing this leaflet with no proof of their allegations, no quotes, no nothing. Meanwhile Slate 2 decided not to use this document because they felt it was too negative. Thankfully someone emailed us a copy with the Slate 1 leaflet.

Slate 1 never answered our questions so we are posting what we know about their candidates.

Nancy Hagans, their candidate for President, has not worked bedside since she became LBU President at Maimonides. She gets as much paid time off as she wants. According to many nurses there she trusts the CNO more than her colleagues, and why not since she gets paid and doesn’t have to work. At the height of the pandemic she went on an extended leave so she didn’t even have to be in the hospital. Not working bedside isn’t enough now she wants a full time salary and a $50k “stipend” from us! Does this sound like someone who really cares about the union and what’s best for the nurses?

Every Candidate for the Executive Committee positions are current Board members. You know the same people who voted to renew Pat Kane’s contract and give her a nearly $300,000 salary. This after she failed to negotiate even one contract, took all of the newly organized nurses in Westchester and Albany out on failed strikes, and has hired someone with No, Nada, Zero organizing experience while once again overlooking amply qualified women who are currently on staff. Shocking since there is at least one active decertification going on.

We have discovered that Judy’s hand picked candidate for Secretary, Nella Pineda, states that she is an officer on her LBU. This is an out right lie! In fact she ran and lost in her local elections. If her coworkers don’t want her representing them why should we want her to represent us? We understand that she is once again trying to win a position in her LBU. Nella Pineda has gone on dozens of all expense paid trips, many of them internationally.

Why have Pat Kane and Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez hand picked only current board members to run for the executive committee?

Is it because they can meet without the rest of the Board of Directors and make decisions no one knows about?

Is it to ensure no one questions Pat Kane’s contract and salary or job performance?

Is it because Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez was promised a $100,000 consulting job?

Is it because other former Board members have been promised jobs? We’re looking at you Anthony Ciampa.

Is is because they want to purge more women of color? Jalisa Saud (an extremely competent H&H release time rep) has already been terminated. Several women of color have already been demoted does anyone think they’ll have a job if Pat and Judy’s hand picked Board gets elected? We know more terminations are coming.

The Time Is Now to make the positive changes we deserve!

VOTE SLATE 2 for the future of nursing


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