Once Again Members Vote Ignored Once Again NYSNA Looks Ridiculous

First a little history. Two years ago at the NYSNA Convention the delegates voted to have a membership vote prior to any political endorsements. This was done because a majority of convention delegates believed that the leadership of NYSNA made these decisions and made donations with no member input.

Fast forward to this May. The members in NYC were sent ballots asking about an endorsement in the Democratic Primary for Mayor. The average nurse it appears is more politically astute than the current leadership, the members voted to make no endorsement.

However Judy in her infinite wisdom decided this was the wrong decision. She then sent this email to the Board of Directors. In it she states that since NYSNA is “such a public and well respected” union the Board should ignore the wishes of the members and make an endorsement anyway. This was on May 22nd.

Even AOC hasn’t made any endorsements in this race. We have a very large percentage of public sector members. How we conduct ourselves politically has a direct impact on their contracts and working conditions.

So on cue a bare majority (11 out of 21) of the current Board voted to endorse Dianne Morales. Yes the same Dianne Morales who’s staff walked out claiming she is a union buster. This isn’t the first union buster Judy has embraced. She has something about ranked choice in her email but you can’t endorse three candidates. All Five candidates for executive committee on Slate 1 voted for the endorsement. All Five candidates voted to ignore the members. All Five followed Judy over the cliff. Does anyone really believe that Judy will stop calling the shots if her hand picked Slate wins?

On May 30th Judy was forced to send this email explaining the implosion of Morales’ campaign. It appears from the last email that the Political Director and the Political staff also recommended no endorsement. It is only in this last email that Pat Kane makes an entrance. As the executive director it is Pat Kane’s job to guide the union out of fiascos like this, but neither Pat or the current Board provide any leadership. They simply follow Judy like a bunch of lemmings.

We don’t need lemmings!

We need leadership that will listen to the members, not ignore them. We need leadership that takes advice, not someone that believes only they have the correct position. It is well past time for a change. Starting today we will be receiving our ballots in the snail mail.

It is time for us to vote for change. Vote Slate 2


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