We Told You So! Judy Shows Her Behind

We have been telling you all along who was running the Slate 1 show, and who will continue to run them after the election.This time they put their names and pictures on it. Once again they make outrageous allegations with no evidence. Even the worst politician takes their opponents words out of context but here we just have crazy allegations that don’t even make any sense.

Let us remind everyone Judy is the President of the union and Karine is the 1st VP. They were both at negotiations and Judy insisted on being the chief negotiator. Now they want to blame others for their incompetence. This is nothing new. Just like many of the people who are now running on Judy’s Slate, they take no responsibility but they never saw a camera or a microphone they didn’t fall in love with.

Why aren’t Slate 1 candidates on their LBU? Why didn’t they run if the Leaders on Slate 2 are so terrible? We’ll tell you why, because they aren’t running to do the hard day to day work of representing the nurses, they just want the perks of being on the Board of Directors. In fact nearly half of the people on Slate 1 aren’t on their LBU. Why Not? Is it because they are afraid to take on management? Or is it that they are only in it for the free trips and photo ops? More than likely both.

Notice Nancy Hagans hasn’t vowed to get rid of the $50k “stipend” but Valerie Burgos the Slate 2 candidate for President has.

Judy and her minions have done everything in their power to sabotage this election! Don’t let them get away with it!

They waited to the last possible minute in order to have two elections at the same time. They are following the anti democratic playbook. 1) Make sure the members are confused. 2) Do everything possible to lower the voter turn out. Do these tactics sound familiar? Yes the only way they can win is if people don’t vote! They are counting on apathy and confusion.

This is our chance! This is our time! Vote Slate 2!!!!
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