UPDATE!!! Breaking Breaking Breaking Nursing Home Safe Staffing Bill Signed! What Happened To The Hospital Safe Staffing Bill?

After we posted this information NYSNA finally made an announcement to the membership sort of.

We have edited this post to reflect the signing of the nursing home bill!

On May 5th NYSNA Executive Director Pat Kane falsely claimed a staffing law victory on the NYSNA Facebook page.  We have just been notified that only the nursing home bill was signed! The fact is the Governor has not signed the hospital bill yet. A claim of victory was and still is premature. Why haven’t we been told the bill hasn’t been signed? Why haven’t we been asked to call the Governor’s office to urge him to sign? We all know they didn’t want this bill in the first place.

We need to make sure Governor Cuomo signs the staffing bill! The legislation is sitting on his desk and we’re urging him to support New York’s nurses, frontline healthcare workers, and patients, by signing the bill, so it can go into effect on January 1, 2022.

The NYSNA Slate recruited by Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez and Pat Kane (known as slate 1) claimed that they were responsible for the  legislation. In truth it was negotiated by 3 unions and Hospital and Nursing home employer organizations under the watchful eye of the state legislature.  It is definitely progress, but it is NOT YET LAW because Governor Cuomo has not signed it to this date. 

We believe that the members of NYSNA need to be leveled with. Instead of getting involved in the fiasco of flip flops on NYC Mayoral endorsements, NYSNA needs to be laser focused on getting Governor Cuomo, WHO NYSNA ENDORSED to sign this legislation. Safe Staffing Saves Lives. 

Why haven’t we heard any of this from NYSNA! We need honest leadership that keeps us informed. Vote Slate 2 . Safe staffing legislation depends on it!


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