Reward Offered To Anyone Who Can Prove There Is An Ounce Of Truth To This Accusation!

NYSNAiseeyou is offering a reward of $100 to anyone who can prove there is any truth to Judy’s insane accusations.

We have been informed that on Monday, June 7th Judy Sheridan-Gonzales was at St. John’s Riverside Hospital telling the Nurses there to vote for Slate #1 because Slate #2 had been calling her a “prostitute”.  As always it is all about her. Not the Union. Not the Nurses. Just Her! Spreading an insane accusation once again without a shred of proof. Has she forgotten we are nurses? We don’t just accept whatever someone says as proof positive. If we did that we would have a lot of patients getting incorrect treatment. WE ARE NOT IDIOTS!

These are the same tactics of every loser politician in the country right now. Just make up crap! Lie at every turn and expect people to believe you! Judy is almost never in Westchester so she must be incredibly desperate to get that $100,000 consulting gig.

She was also reportedly accompanied by Kathy Hoffer {the Release time Representative at SJRH}. This is a clear violation of Department of Labor regulations. We have also heard that Anthony Ciampa was campaigning at Presbyterian while serving as the release time representative. Also a violation of DOL regulations. As the release time representative Anthony spent years sitting in the office or traveling on the unions dime, now he’s walking the floors? Really? So what, or should we say whose, job did they promise him?

$100 reward! Any Takers?


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We are a group of NYSNA Nurses who care about the future of our union. We want democracy, transparency, and accountability. Some of us are retired, some are recent members, and we are at all points in between. Any information you provide us will remain anonymous unless authorized by you.

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