From Major Players to Bit Players

H&H is already enduring out right layoffs. As we enter into another wave of Covid, we need political clout now more than ever! Due to Pat Kane, the Executive director, Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, the President, and a Board of Directors (that are less than useless) our safe staffing bill is DEAD. We don’t need autocrats leading the nation and we don’t need ideological autocrats leading our union!

UPDATE! Politico exposes NYSNA Corruption and Dysfunction

The Staff has been Ordered NOT To Share This Article with the members! Spread it Far and Wide Today Politico published an article telling the world what most of us already know. “‘A year from hell’: The war inside the state’s largest nurses union” Covid was just the icing on the cake. We lost JillContinue reading “UPDATE! Politico exposes NYSNA Corruption and Dysfunction”

Jill Furillo being pushed out by Board of Directors

We have been getting emails from numerous sources stating Jill Furillo is leaving very soon. Some say she is taking an FMLA because Judy and Pat want her out now. Others say she is being offered something to leave now. The only thing they all say is that whenever someone is fired they have toContinue reading “Jill Furillo being pushed out by Board of Directors”

Why Does Montefiore Get More Staff than any other Hospital?

We pay the same if not more dues than Monte depending on our size so why do they get more staff s support than everyone else? Is it because Judy and Karine are on the Executive Committee? Is it because they need a place for all their DSA cohorts to work? More than likely both!

Meet The Rudy Giuliani of NYSNA

Mark Brenner and according to his resume he has been the real Executive Director and President of NYSNA since 2011. Excerpts below. New York State Nurses Association – We have been working with the leadership of this 40,000member union since 2011. Projects include: • Planning the union’s first-ever coordinated contract campaign, involving almost 20,000 membersContinue reading “Meet The Rudy Giuliani of NYSNA”

The Fix Is In

Judy announced from the stage that the charges were dropped. Not True In Fact New Charges were sent to the DEPARTMENT of LABOR and the Board of Directors. The original charges have not been heard! There’s Democracy for you!

NYCHHC Nurses Are Pissed Off

At least that is what we are hearing from our readers? H&H nurses are being told that our physically taxing payments are delayed again! The board is not serving the interests of their dues paying membership! Maybe instead of sending themselves on trips across the country they should do their jobs! They are incompetent! H&HContinue reading “NYCHHC Nurses Are Pissed Off”

They are Really Afraid!

Why else would you send a text to 10,000 members about a call you DIDN’T initiate. We received this email. The text went to the entire HHC membership. Too bad they didn’t send a link to our blog along with it.