We Told You So! Judy Shows Her Behind

We have been telling you all along who was running the Slate 1 show, and who will continue to run them after the election.This time they put their names and pictures on it. Once again they make outrageous allegations with no evidence. Even the worst politician takes their opponents words out of context but hereContinue reading “We Told You So! Judy Shows Her Behind”

Slate 2 The Expect Better/Unite NYSNA Slate Has Responded To Our Questions

Valerie B valerienysna@gmail.comTo: Muckraker RN Contact@nysnaiseeyou.orgWe hope this provides some clarification.Tue, May 25, 2021 at 10:53 PM Have any of the Board Members who are not running for reelection been promised jobs? If so who, what positions, and at what compensation?No.The Expect Better: Unite NYSNA slate has heard whispers that if the incumbent slate remainsContinue reading “Slate 2 The Expect Better/Unite NYSNA Slate Has Responded To Our Questions”

You Asked For It: NYSNA’s Financial Disclosures

We have received numerous requests for NYSNA’s financials. So here they are: 2018-2019 LM2 and 2019-2020 LM2. There are numerous people earning over $200,000 per year and some close to $300,000 per year. We are on the lookout for the 2020-2021 LM2, which hasn’t been filed yet. This is very interesting because all of theContinue reading “You Asked For It: NYSNA’s Financial Disclosures”

Jill Furillo being pushed out by Board of Directors

We have been getting emails from numerous sources stating Jill Furillo is leaving very soon. Some say she is taking an FMLA because Judy and Pat want her out now. Others say she is being offered something to leave now. The only thing they all say is that whenever someone is fired they have toContinue reading “Jill Furillo being pushed out by Board of Directors”

NYSNA Member demands search for Executive Director!

Update: a reader sent a more accurate list of NYSNA Nurses on Staff. Thank You once again to our readers! The below is an excerpt from an email we received from a member today. The full email is here. Subject: What is Going on Here?? Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez recently issued an eblast to the membership (seeContinue reading “NYSNA Member demands search for Executive Director!”

Someone was kind enough to send this

Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, As Amended (LMRDA)  Department of Labor Website: LMRDA § 201(c) Every labor organization required to submit a report under this title shall make available the information required to be contained in such report to all of its members, and every such labor organization and its officers shall beContinue reading “Someone was kind enough to send this”

Hundreds of NYSNA Members Sign Resolution Demanding a Search for New Executive Director

Over 400 NYSNA Members from around the state signed onto the Accountability and Transparency Resolution. Now will the Board of Directors allow the Convention Delegates to vote on this common sense resolution. According to the Bylaws there is resolutions committee, however no one seems to know who is on it. Shouldn’t this information be public?Continue reading “Hundreds of NYSNA Members Sign Resolution Demanding a Search for New Executive Director”

Why Are They So Desperate!

Once again Board of Directors shows contempt for the membership! And what a surprise the first proposed Bylaw change will be ruled Out of Order, the second one the Board of Directors is recommending a no vote. Update: We now have it on very good authority that a third proposed Bylaws change was withdrawn underContinue reading “Why Are They So Desperate!”

Deadline for submitting resolutions is Today

The deadline for submitting resolutions is today. They must be sent to jeremy.Markman@nysna.org.  We are suggesting you copy the entire Executive Board in order to make sure they are all informed and there are no excuses.  cc: chiqkena.collins@nysna.org, sean.petty@nysna.org, jayne.cammisa@nysn.org, yasmine.beausejour@nysn.org, martha.wilcox@nysna.org, marion.enright@nysn.org, marva.wade@nysna.org, verginia.stewart@nysna.org, lilia.marquez@nysna.org, robin.krinsky@nysna.org, jacqueline.gilbert@nysna.org, seth.dressekie@nysna.org, judith.cutchin@nysna.org, anne.bove@nysna.org, patricia.kane@nynsa.org,  tracey.kavanagh@nysna.org, karine.raymond@nysna.org, anthony.ciampa@nysna.org,Continue reading “Deadline for submitting resolutions is Today”

NYSNA Board of Directors holds Emergency Meeting

Why? In order to rule the resolution requiring a search for a new Execution Director Out of Order. A resolution that to our knowledge has not been submitted yet. Update: The attorney told the Board of Directors he didn’t think the resolution was out of order. After he left they voted it Out of OrderContinue reading “NYSNA Board of Directors holds Emergency Meeting”