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From Major Players to Bit Players

H&H is already enduring out right layoffs. As we enter into another wave of Covid, we need political clout now more than ever! Due to Pat Kane, the Executive director, Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, the President, and a Board of Directors (that are less than useless) our safe staffing bill is DEAD. We don’t need autocrats leading the nation and we don’t need ideological autocrats leading our union!

We Paid For A $200,000 Publicity Stunt

Are the attorneys milking the union or as we have posited in the past was this just a publicity stunt?
If your attorney lost three out of three cases would they still be your attorney?
Why are we paying attorneys that keep losing cases?

NYSNA Staff in Open Revolt:

Does this really represent who we are as nurses, as a multicultural organization, as a professional organization? When the staff asked Pat Kane about the lack of a statement from NYSNA her response was “ there are NYSNA members who are Trump supporters”. This is what passes for leadership now.

OPED “We Are Not Victims“

During the most difficult time of our careers, NYSNA leadership was busy throwing us under the bus and attempting to turn nurses into victims.

Lead, Follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY

We are Nurses. We know how viruses spread and the actions of NYSNA Leadership clearly did nothing to mitigate the spread of this disease. Twitter was more proactive in protecting the community and their staff

Where’s Waldo

Hello? Anyone home? Any NYSNA member know where our union leadership is hiding? Are they playing cards? Yes, I mean Pat Kane, those advising her, Judy Gonzalez-Sheridan, BOD, and our political team?

A Report from H&H

A Report from last weeks H and H Executive Council meeting. Once again H and H members questions go unanswered!

Happy F***ing New Year

The Purge Has Begun We deeply regret having to publish this article on the first day of the New Year. We hoped the Judy and Pat regime would wait until after the holidays to start firing people. Sadly they did not. Two days ago the first two staff members were fired! Gabe Cristal and CarlaContinue reading “Happy F***ing New Year”

The Looting of the Treasury has Begun!

After three weeks of Pat Kane starting her job as “Director in Training” Jill Furillo got fired and Pat is taking over. Pat and Judy now have complete control of the Union and our dues!

Jill’s Last Day Is Friday!

Jill is getting fired! Her last day is Friday. We have copies of her severance agreement and Pat Kane’s Executive Director Contract

2nd Update: Congratulations NYCHH Nurses!

See a copy of the full MOA! We were able to accomplish these major gains not because of Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez and Pat Kane but in spite of them. They kept trying to Invade our negotiations but we wouldn’t let them Attend.

We Were Right The Fix Was In

We told you! Judy announced her exoneration before the letter was even sent! No investigation. No Accountability.

Why Does Montefiore Get More Staff than any other Hospital?

We pay the same if not more dues than Monte depending on our size so why do they get more staff s support than everyone else? Is it because Judy and Karine are on the Executive Committee? Is it because they need a place for all their DSA cohorts to work? More than likely both!

Judy Played Us Again

There is No Real PAC! There are No Real Bylaws! The Board of Directors controls the endorsements. The Board of Directors controls the contributions.

Letter of Support

With all of the work around the convention we somehow missed the below email. Barbara is a former NYSNA Activist and as she said “I am more than aware of the corruption that exists with this elitist group and the need to bring them down.” So are we Barbara, So are we

Meet The Rudy Giuliani of NYSNA

Mark Brenner and according to his resume he has been the real Executive Director and President of NYSNA since 2011. Excerpts below. New York State Nurses Association – We have been working with the leadership of this 40,000member union since 2011. Projects include: • Planning the union’s first-ever coordinated contract campaign, involving almost 20,000 membersContinue reading “Meet The Rudy Giuliani of NYSNA”

The Fix Is In

Judy announced from the stage that the charges were dropped. Not True In Fact New Charges were sent to the DEPARTMENT of LABOR and the Board of Directors. The original charges have not been heard! There’s Democracy for you!

Big Shout Out to All the Convention Delegates!

H and H is on 🔥 The only people speaking in favor of the Boards Position are BOARD MEMBERS Over 80% of the Delegates voted in favor of Accountability Transparency and Democracy Time to Pass the Torch

Some Very Serious Questions

Sometimes some of the posts people make to this page are trying to be witty, or make light of a situation. I want to ask some very serious but simple questions.

UPDATE: NYSNA Board Member Speaks Out!

Update: Our First VictoryRobin Krinsky a NYSNA Board Member gives us an inside look at how our Board of Directors really functions or rather doesn’t function. Robin is the LBU President at Mount Sinai Hospital. We all owe her a sincere debt of gratitude.

How Long Is Too Long!

How many years have Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez and Pat Kane been on the Board of Directors? How much have they paid themselves over this time? Read the full story

Can This Be Legal?

Our President and Treasurer pay themselves with our dues money in violation of our bylaws and most likely the law.

They are Really Afraid!

Why else would you send a text to 10,000 members about a call you DIDN’T initiate. We received this email. The text went to the entire HHC membership. Too bad they didn’t send a link to our blog along with it.

UPDATE: Who Does NYSNA Staff Work For?

The NYSNA staff have been ordered to lie to us! They were given talking points regarding the bylaws change that contain false and misleading information.

Welcome to Club NYSNA

Judy and her hand picked “guests” travel the world on our dues money. A courageous member submitted a resolution to get this information out in the light.

If you have verifiable information that should be shared with the rest of the union email us at. Contact@nysnaiseeyou.org

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